We're persons, not numbers.

02. Rebellio

(LATINO: [rĕbellĭo] ( ) (rĕbellĭo, rebellionis) - subs. fem. IIIrd declination. Meaning: recovery, revolt, rebellion, rising.

This name - REBELLIO - comes from the desire of rebellion from a conformed world, made of numbers and percentages where people mean little, as We Are All Numbers - so - Consumers. Markets have become global and so immense to forget that in the middle there are us. Persons, not numbers.

REBELLIO is a new patented bag design, created under the Slow design thinking. A limited artisanal production where each bag is designed, cut and crafted by hand, one by one. We keep in mind that each bag will belong to a person. This design is perfect to keep your hands free, as this bag can be worn crossbody or as a shoulder bag.

03. design

04. blog

The birth of the project, the first preparatory studies and bags (PILOT project), all in this blog: rebellioblog.wordpress.com.

Behind REBELLIO there's the story of an Italian woman who will not give up despite the crisis. She does not accept to have all her life the same role, although it's hard to get a second or third chance. She'll keep evolving and creating new ways during her lifetime. Beyond any scheme.

The adventure begins in 2013. Goes on here.